lunes, 17 de agosto de 2009

Stormriver/Plettenberg Bay 16. and 17.

On the 16th we picked up our rental car - a nice KIA (don't ask which type but the size of a golf). After getting used to driving on the left, we went to stormsriver (about 170 km from P.E.). It is a very small village and gives the impression of being like in a western movie, one dirt road with coloured houses on each side. Our Hostel was 2 km far from that place, very nice bedrooms with beds made out of brenches, a big place to sit upstairs and downstairs was a fire place with lots of hangcocks (???), a frog city (unfortunately we couldn't find them) and an empty Jacuzzi on the first floor outside.

In the afternoon we did treecanopy - you slide on ropes from tree to tree, more or less 30m hight, the longest rope was about 90 m and that was all in the rainforest, really great and thrilly (you can buy a dvd for 5 euros when we are back home ;-)
Pizza for dinner in the hostel while watching skidive and bungeejumping vidios. In general in this area you have a lot of possibilities to do extrem sport and scary things.

Next to stormsriver is the highst place to bungeejump in the world, 216m (from a huge bridge) - but we do not need every type of thrill. We just went there this morning to watch crazy people doing that. Afterwards we went to our hostel in Plettenberg Bay, we are actually the only guests here and have a big room for ourselves with seaview. We spent the day with hiking around robberg peninsula and we saw dolphines and seals and big waves - was a great tour! Now we are going for oysters.

Tomorrow we are heading for Knysna.


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  1. I too stayed in Plettenberg Bay in a hostel across the road from the skydiving called Starling Village Backpackers, what a great place and what great people. I was one of those crazy people that did the bungy jump. The guys at the backpackers made sure I got to all my activities and made sure I had a great time.

  2. Hallo Mädels, hello Africa,
    eine super Sache dieser Blog - ganz toll! Macht echt Spass Euch & Eure Reise so mitzuverfolgen ;) Freue mich schon auf die kommenden Einträge. Genießt Euer Abenteuer ganz intensiv - TAKE CARE
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