viernes, 28 de agosto de 2009

Cape Town 25.8.- Home

The second day in Cape Town we did a trip to the Cape of good hope. It is about 2 hours with the car from Cape town plus a walk to the real cape of good hope. People say that there the atlantic and indian ocean meet, but it seems to be not very clear. On the way back we had lunch (the first time not a good one) in Fishoak (??) and relaxed in the hotel.
Also the next day we spent at the pool, getting some sun to relax before going back home to do the "normal" life again! The flight was good, beeing a night flight we slept almost all the time and I already talked to Martina, she got home well but without her backpack. They left it in Amsterdam! Better now than on the way there.......
It was a great trip, everything went as we planned and we got along very well! I ll put some pictures up as soon as I have them more organized.

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