jueves, 13 de agosto de 2009

Safari- second day

The second day in the camp was another full day safari. We were only five this time, an italian couple and Robert, who is german, just moved to switzerland and went with 18 years old alone to South Africa! We didn't see many animals in the morning, but we saw a lion, the missing part of the big 5! It was a female laying in the sun also pretty far away but cute. A few minutes later our driver Lory van den Berg (the only female guide of that company) couldn't start the car any more. And that in the middle of the Kruger Parc with no cellphone reception! Actually people are not allowed to leave their vehicles only in emergency cases but never when there is predators in the area. We were lucky because there weren't predators and another car stopped to help us. The starter was broken and a guide pushed the car until it worked. The car had to be fixed as soon as possible so we were that nice to offer the italian to change into another car who didn't have enough room for all of us.  Robert and us went back with our guide to a station where we had to wait for the rest of the group. We had the chance to talk about south africa with our guide. She is africaans and a guide for a long time, knows how to shoot and told us about her dangerous experiences in the Kruger (one time her car burned completely and she was alone in the bush and had to get help without having a weapon). 
In the evening we had the typical Braai (south african BBQ) and a lot of fun!
After discussing a lot about it, we finally decided to do the bush walk the next morning (getting up at 5.30h). We are happy that we did it, we learned about tracks, poopers, trees and african culture from our guide. It was pretty cute to find a shape of a small hand in the sand and found out it was from a monkey. Luckily we didn't see the rhinos from which we found fresh tracks and fresh droppings (they are also very aggressive). 
Now we are safe! : -) 
See you later alligator!

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  1. Hola guapa,
    Veo que estáis la mar de entretenidas.
    Estaréis alucinando con todo.
    Disfrutar mucho

    Un besito

  2. Hello everyone !!

    I'm sorry for not writing before it was imposible for me... Girls, enjoy the whole trip and remember: in the safari do not disturb the lions !!

    Uri: the next time it's for us ... be ready brother !! (i'm cooling the beers already, jejeje)

    Hola a tod@s

    Siento no escribir antes, fue imposible para mi... Chicas disfruten el viaje y recuerden: cuando vayan de safari no molesten a los leones !!

    Uri: a nosotros nos toca la póxima... (ya estoy enfriando las cervezas, jejeje)


  3. "In the evening we had the typical Braai (south african BBQ) and a lot of fun!"

    Esto es una barbacoa?

    Dios, estáis con una afrikaner!!!!!