jueves, 13 de agosto de 2009

After Safari -

Hola a todos, 
por falta de tiempo y posibilidades de internet no podre escribir en castellano y aleman, escribire en ingles y si uri tiene tiempo despues de su viaje a lo mejor podria traducir algo..

Today we came back from the safari (Kruger National Parc) and we are in the hotel in JNB again. 

The flight was better than we thought, each of us had his own television and we could choose the movies to watch. Actually it was quiet easy to find the shuttle bus to go to the hotel and it was a very nice room. 

The next day we got picked up from VIVA SAFARIS, driving around 6 hours to a game lodge next to the Kruger Parc. We were a group of ten people, two couples from UK (boring), a familiy from Korea, Robert from Germany and us. Arriving at the first game lodge we had a sunset drive outside the parc and we saw girafs, zebras, monkeys and elefant poopers which we had to touch and smell. Later on the brought us to the real camp, the Marcs Treehouse Camp (who the fuck is Marc? - nobody knew him...) and moved in our treehouse number two. It was pretty nice, three brenches went through our bedroom and we had a nice balcony. Our personal toilet and shower were outside on the ground, pretty open and without doors. This is a safari ;-)
At dinner at the bambo (the place where the fire is and the people eat and talk) they told us about the buffalo herd which lives in the camp. They are predators and one  of the Big 5 and pretty agressive. So we had to be careful walking around. Since then we were pretty scared to go to the treehouse. The food was very good (pea soup, stew, desert). 

The 11th we had to wake up pretty early, shower in the cold and had a good breakfast right next to the waterhole, where you can see lots of monkey and impalas (they get pretty annoying after a while because you see them a lot). We had a whole day of safari, beeing in an open vehicle with our group and we already saw that day 4 of the big 5 (elefant, rhino, lepard and buffalo). Furthermore we saw hippos, girafs, crocodiles, birds, wild pigs and lots of impalas. Martina says the safari is like searching for mushrooms, its not that easy to find all these animals. Often they are very hidden and since you are driving you have to watch carefully and stop the driver. We really liked it because everything is so real, and it feels like being in Africa. When we arrived at the camp  there was a buffalo next to the swimming pool. They actually go there to drink the water and they told us that one felt inside and had a hard time to get out. Going back to the treehouse we had the herd in front of us crossing the path and got pretty scared. Also everybody tells you something different, you should stand still, go and pass them with distance or run. So we were not sure what to do! We survived :-)
Dinner was very good, vegetable soup, rice with chicken and some time chatting at the campfire.

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  1. "Our personal toilet and shower were outside on the ground, pretty open and without doors. This is a safari ;-)"

    Por eso yo no voy a los safaris esos ;D

    "and it feels like being in Africa"
    Really???? ;P

    Me alegro de que estéis bien, besitos.