martes, 25 de agosto de 2009

Cape Town 24. - 25.8.

We took the route next to the ocean instead of the highway and stopped in Bettys Bay to watch the pinguin colony, which is living on the coast there. They were very cute! In general it was a beautiful road, it reminded me of the way to sitges (Christins comment).
The traffic changed when we came closer to Cape Town and it was pretty crowded and the first time a little difficult to drive. We found the right way to the hotel, lost it and found it by accident again and we were really happy when we arrived in our fantastic (like the british would say) hotel with a great view of the table mountain. We had dinner in a FUSION restaurant, it was pretty interesting, uncountable courses and every course had a different wine.
Today we almost climbed the 1050m of the table mountain, after seeing a snake right in front of us we got confused and took the wrong way and found ourselves walking down again ;-)
Afterwards we took the cable car return trip and it was also nice. The view was pretty good today, usually there is a lot of clouds around the mountain and there is a big chance that you can not see anything.
We also went downtown, saw the Waterfront (like a harbour) and Long Street. It was a nice but very tiring day (walking and running through crazy traffic lights in Cape Town).

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